Marrow Compensation Gives Hope to Patients

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Baltimore, MD – The idea compensation for bone marrow donation continues to offer practical hope to patients suffering from treatable blood diseases. Check out this report from KSAT in San Antonio covering our all-important issue. Click HERE.


NBC’s Rock Center to Feature Legal Battle

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New York – NBC’s “Rock Center with Brian Williams” will feature the pathbreaking case of Flynn v. Holder, in which joined with others, including lead plaintiff Doreen Flynn, to challenge the National Organ Transplant Act. The show will air nationally on Thursday, June 14th at 10pm (EST) on NBC. Read moreHERE.

Mike Hamel’s writings on cancer and life featured in new report

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Tags: , co-founder and board member Mike Hamel’s work was recently featured on KOAA-TV (NewsFirst5 – Colorado Springs). When diagnosed with a non Hodgkin lymphoma Mike made the decision to chronicle his experiences via his blog Open Mike. Just last month Mike release a new book entitled, “Stumbling Towards Heaven” which discusses the interplay between his diagnosis and issues of faith.  Click HERE for the KOAA-TV report and click HERE to purchase a copy of Mike’s new book.

Barefoot marathoner raises funds and awareness

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Washington, D.C. – Two of the biggest obstacles to meeting the need for bone marrow matches are the lack of awareness about the problem (and solutions) and the lack of funds associated with education, research, and recruitment of viable marrow matches.  One man, Bob Ewing, of Arlington, VA set out to do something about this problem.

Bob is running the upcoming Marine Corps Marathon barefoot. That’s right, 26.2 miles of nearly all pavement in nothing but the skin he was born in.  He’s doing it to raise money and awareness. He’s doing it in honor of his Mom who was diagnosed with Lymphoma 14 years ago.  He’s doing it because he knows that everyday people wait anxiously to see if the phone rings saying a life-saving match has been found.  It’s amazing to see what one inspired person can do.  Here’s his video and his website.  We hope that you’ll consider lending him your support and we wish Fran Ewing our best.