Get Involved

Get involved with MMDThere are several ways you can get involved in the fight to save lives.

1. Become a Member- Show your commitment to finding innovative ways to meet the needs of thousands of people in search for life-changing marrow matches by becoming a Member of  By signing up you’ll receive the occasional note about how you can help.  Just fill out the information after clicking this link

2. Support MoreMarrowDonors financially-’s primary purpose is to provide financial incentives directly to marrow donors with the most-needed marrow types, and we are currently working with outside attorneys to develop a plan to do so legally. will not actually provide financial incentives to donors unless and until it has determined it may do so legally.  Any gift made to will be used for general operations.  If you would like to make a restricted gift to be used only toward direct compensation for donors, please indicate your intentions by letter along with your gift. is a registered California non-profit and has an application for tax-exempt status pending with the IRS.  Send your support to our address listed below.

3. Join the National Registry- By joining the National Marrow Donor Program you can be a match for a person in need. NOTE: is not affiliated with or endorsed by the National Marrow Donor Program.

4. Tell a Friend- Spread the word about  Most people don���t realize the great need for marrow donation and the life-changing effects it can have.  By telling someone you know about you’ll become part of the solution.

5. Connect Online- We are tweeting! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay updated with current events and volunteer opportunities.